Project Description

The site was developed by the team based on the WordPress platform. The site was created for an online store that offers its customers a wide range of keto products.

Our team has taken care to add all necessary functionalities to the site to facilitate the shopping process for customers. In this sense, a GDPR package has been made to protect users’ data. The site is optimized for search engines through on-page SEO optimization, which increases its visibility and directs traffic to it.

Also added is a banner system that focuses on the store’s products and promotions. The one-page checkout system greatly simplifies the purchase process by reducing the number of steps required.

In addition, Borika is integrated into the site, which allows customers to pay quickly and easily by card. The payment option is included in the one page checkout system, shortening the purchase time and increasing convenience for customers.

All this makes the site convenient, fast, and easy to use, offering its customers maximum convenience when shopping for keto products.

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